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Tarkib Pardazan Company

Tarkib-Pardazan Co. was registered in 2016 and was named under the capacity of 4500 Tons of Zin Ingot manufacture and Increase capacity in 2021 to 9000 tons .
Tarkib-Pardazan Co. has planned its long term goals to reach high production rates and to compete with global markets along with well standardized qualities.

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R&D and laboratory

Tarkib Pardazan Co. has always considered and applied the latest technology. Thereby, it has fully equipped its R&D section and laboratories with high tech and noble Metal Analyzer Machines.

Safety and health at work

Mental and physical health of the staff is the top priority considered by the organization. This unit operates in accordance with the national standards, as well as under the direct control of occupational health and environment organization.


With recognition and awareness of the condition, the trading group endeavors to keep and develop clients and to exalt the trading corporation`s fame, as well

Repair and maintenance

Along with the other departments, this unit also protects the complex utilizing the latest knowledge as well as the application of the PM software.

Export to global markets

80% of high quality and high purity zinc ingots produced in the factory are exported to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asian countries, China, India, Indonesia and Turkey.

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Tarkib-Pardazan Company

Production line images

Pictures of the production line and different parts of the factory

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