About us

Tarkib-Pardazan Co. was registered in 2016 and was named under the capacity of 4500 Tons of Zin Ingot manufacture and Increase capacity in 2021 to 9000 tons .
Tarkib-Pardazan Co. has planned its long term goals to reach high production rates and to compete with global markets along with well standardized qualities.
Furthermore, environmental affairs have always been a challenge for the shareholders. Natural resource preservation is essential to build a prosperous Iran and a better future for the next generation. This has consistently been a leading target to the production plans, shareholders and members of the board.

With its strong effort and effective teamwork, Tarkib-Pardazan Co. has successfully achieved higher ranks in production and entrepreneurship and has been one of the leading companies in its field.
  • 23 DECEMBER 2021
  • مدیر سایت
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